About Us

We like to share our passion of spearfishing with anyone who wants to learn. 


Who Are We?

My name is Ryan Myers and alongside my girlfriend, Sam Mase, I've been travelling the world nearly non stop to compete in spearfishing competitions, guide spearfishing trips, and explore the ocean. I am a two time U.S. National Spearfishing Champion and was ranked number one in the United States for the last six consecutive years. I hold multiple spearfishing world records and can dive up to 230 feet on a single breath.

Sam is a spearfishing world champion, spearfishing world record holder and full time cat mom/YouTube video editor. We have been traveling the world together for the past six years hitting 25+ countries until Covid shut our guiding business down. We ended up in Hawaii and began sharing our passion for adventure on YouTube. Looking back, it was the best thing that could have happened to us as it led us to our true passion of teaching spearfishing and sharing our adventures through YouTube.


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